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Services & Programs

At Northwest Martial Arts, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available Monday through Thursday, or by appointment. Our staff members are here to help you reach your goals.

Current Special - 4 Weeks of Training for Just $99! (Uniform Included)

Parent Program - Train FREE for One Month With Your Child! (Children Ages 3-18)

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Traditional Martial Arts Training with a Dynamic Skill Based Curriculum

We offer a variety of program choices to fit your training goals. Family discounts are available. Family style classes. Develop coordination, flexibility, strength, and confidence, while training with your family.

Bully Prevention and Child Abduction Safety

We offer several self-defense opportunities in addition to our regular Martial Arts courses. Child Abduction Safety Courses and Bullying Prevention Courses are available for any group or organization. Call to arrange your personal session for your group.

Special Activities and Clinics

We periodically have activities to enhance training, or to just have fun with our Martial Arts family. All are welcome and bringing friends is encouraged. Activities range from specialized clinics for skill enhancement to training camps. Fun activities include a variety of camps available throughout the year, Parents' Night Out, Game Nights, Hyper Camps and Games, Park Training Sessions, and Parties. Occasionally, there is a special outing for our Martial Arts Family and friends.

Private lessons are available by appointment.


  • White or black
  • Matching t-shirt or school t-shirt
  • Kick pants can be worn for special activities and clinics
  • All ranks bring full sparring gear to every training session
  • All students must bring bag gloves to every class

What is Hyper Fight Club?

A progressive sparring curriculum created to inspire a generation of respected fight athletes who will stand up for themselves, their family and what they believe in.

Athletes that are respectful, confident, brave, humble, positive, quick, powerful and strive to excel in the ring and in life.

Every 12-week season athletes excel to a new level from the variety of modern class platforms. The sessions mix up cutting edge music, warm ups, stretches, solid foundation techniques, core fundamentals, cross training combat sprints, team challenges, sport fighting, self defense and sparring games for a fun experience.

"This is a fantastic facility and environment, my daughter LOVES it!"

- Shelli J.

"Great family environment!"

- Melissa W.

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